Wide Array of Automation Services for Your Home or Business

Home automation is the wave of the future. We can incorporate locks, thermostats, lights, alarms, pet doors, water irrigation, cameras, garage doors, and much more. We can set schedules, text alerts, and commands with our home automation system. For instance, when you open your door a specific light(s) turns on, so you aren’t walking into a dark house. These commands and more can be accomplished with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

Say you are coming home from vacation during the warm months and want to change your thermostat settings. Why not make the changes from your phone while on your way? That way everything is just the way you like it from the moment you get in. How about receiving a text alert when the heat or air-conditioning turns on and a door or window is open? Expecting a house call? It’s possible to remotely unlock and lock doors for a contractor or delivery person. We can even set your system to alert you through a text when your child enters or leaves the home. These system are especially ideal to monitor elderly folks suffering from Dementia or children with special needs.

Did you know we can also install pet doors that you can open to let your dog outside from your phone? The dog can even wear a collar pendant equipped with a tracker. The possibilities are endless and not to mention, the technology is just plain old cool! Get in touch with Lock-Tech today.
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